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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive hands-on therapy that benefits whole body health, improves many conditions, and is effective for infants, children and adults. Though the Craniosacral therapist uses a very light touch, the bodywork is deeply transformative and healing—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


The Craniosacral system develops shortly after conception, when the first cell divides in the womb and forms the primal midline that becomes our spine. From that moment onward, the health of all our systems is organized around the midline—the spine. Our bones, joints and muscles should be balanced to be healthy, but like a tree that has grown twisted due to the wind, our spines and connective tissues can be affected by tension, trauma and injury throughout life—beginning with the prenatal and birth experiences. Various birthing traumas like forceps, vacuum extraction, or C-sections as well as falls and injuries to the head can cause overlapping or a jamming of these very precious cranial plates. Cranial malpositions and misshapen heads can be quite painful for children. Imagine wearing a rubber band or tight hat around your head all day. It feels as if there is a great amount of pressure on the head, and because children cannot communicate pain well the result is a screaming child that often has colic, temper tantrums, and behavioral problems.


Craniosacral therapy is wonderful for all ages and conditions, from those with severe conditions to those looking for preventive health care. Come check out how Craniosacral therapy and cranial work can benefit you and your family today with Nicole at Fall Creek Chiropractic.


• Migraines and headaches• Chronic neck and back pain• Concussion• Stress & tension related conditions• Infant and childhood disorders• Torticollis• Chronic ear infections• Colic• Infants with misshapen    heads (Plagiocephaly)• Posterior Tongue Tie• TMJ Syndrome• Scoliosis• Learning difficulties• Behavioral issues• ADD/ADHDWhat conditions benefit from Craniosacral therapy?


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