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Ideal Protein

The last diet you’ll ever need !

In 2010 we proudly launched the Ideal Protein Weight Loss System at Fall Creek Chiropractic. We often saw our patients struggle with weight challenges that were affecting their pain, happiness, and lifestyles negatively. We wanted to be able to offer a weight loss program to help our patients and the community that was not only proven to be safe and healthy, but was also based on education and long term results. We’ve been excited about the amazing results we have been seeing ever since!


Ideal Protein dramatically changes your body composition by eliminating fat while maintaining or increasing muscle for optimum metabolism and long term success. This is a complete method and not just a simple product! The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol containing 2 key components- weight loss and a healthier lifestyle education to assist you in maintaining your results after dieting. Because of that, this program strongly emphasizes education and understanding. When following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program, you will learn why you gain weight and learn how to lose it. More importantly, the program will give you the tools you need to keep the pounds off after your weight loss goal is achieved.


Many of the health benefits associated with the Ideal Protein weight loss program include: weight loss, reduction or elimination of many medications including those helped to lower blood pressure, control diabetes, and cholesterol. In addition to substantial weight loss and inch reduction, patients in our office have also reported increased energy, increased focus, decreased stress, decreased anxiety, and decreased joint pain.


We invite you to attend a complimentary weight loss workshop to learn more. Weight loss workshops are held monthly and additional individual sessions by appointment. Let the team at Fall Creek Chiropractic support you to a healthier you with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method!

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