Lumbalgia is pain associated with the lumbar spine and its contiguous structures, including the muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. Although the term lumbalgia is not generally used, it is a more accurate descriptor than the more generic use of 'lower back pain'. You might also have heard of the term lumbago, which also means lower back pain also, but again is seldom used.

Lumbagia can be severe and debilitating. It can come on gradually or suddenly. Most commonly, gradual onset of relatively minor lower back pain, is followed by a sudden 'attack' of severe lumbalgia. The sudden onset is usually precipitated by an incident of lifting, sometimes a relatively small amount, while twisting or in an otherwise poor lifting posture.

Care of this condition with Chiropractic adjustments is generally considered the most effective form of treatment.

There are many reasons that a person my have back pain. Each element of the lower back anatomy can contribute to the pain that one might be feeling. Let's look at the parts the the back individually and then look at them as a whole.
Skin - The skin over the lumbar spine can give clues as to what is happening on the inside. The skin should be inspected for the presence of any patches of hair, nevi, hemangiomas or dimples on the lower back in the midline which can be cutaneous signs of unseen spinal deformities present since birth. Most common of these is spina bifida occulta (SBO), a relatively benign condition, which may have certain mechanical implications in lower back pain. During examination certain landmarks are noted: The spinous processes of the lumbar spine, the sacroilliac joints, the base and apex of the sacrum, and the presence of any swelling or edema.
The main point to remember in dealing with your lumbalgia, is that the pain that you experiece is merely the warning sign that the body produces to tell you something is wrong. Pressure on the nerves of the lower back can interfere with the nerve supply to the legs, large intestine, female organs, prostate, badder, and much more. Don't ignore the warning signs, get your spine check right away.

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