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Other Services

Kinesio Taping: Kinesio taping provides support and stability to muscles and joints without interfering with circulation and range of motion. It is also used for injury prevention, treating pain, edema, and swelling. The lightweight and water-resistant tape is safe for all ages and can be comfortably worn 24/7 for up to five days. The taping works with the lymphatic system to increase circulation, promote healing, and relieve pain. Kinesio Taping has been effective for conditions like: carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back strain/pain, knee pain, shoulder conditions, whiplash, sports injuries, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, patella tracking, bruising, ankle sprains, and many more.

Spinal Rehab/Therapeutic Exercises: These exercises combine stretches, strengthening exercises, core strengthening, balance exercises, as well as posture and ergonomics education to promote healing, injury prevention, and long term results.

Sports Physicals:  Dr. Erin performs physicals for local school aged children and teens that are necessary for participation in sports activities and local camps.

Foot Levelers: Foot Levelers orthotics are custom-made spinal pelvic stabilizers that are flexible orthotics based on chiropractic research and innovative technology. It’s a unique form of in-shoe orthotics that helps hold your chiropractic adjustments in place to maintain alignment, reduce skeletal stress, and alleviate your pain.

Gua Sha: Gua Sha is a form of manual therapy known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. The Gua Sha tool helps to break down the scar tissue and fascial restrictions that are usually associated with some form of trauma to the soft tissue. Soft tissue can become restricted due to disease, overuse, trauma or inactivity, often resulting in pain, muscle tension, and diminished blood flow. This technique causes minor discomfort while the tool is guided along the skin but most patients note that the mild irritation to the skin is worth the results. This technique is used in conjunction with chiropractic care to speed up and further enhance results.

Ergonomic/Exercise Consultations: Dr. Erin performs both ergonomic and exercise consultations for patients within the office and is willing to go to local businesses to give ergonomic advice to help prevent work injuries and chronic problems associated with work environments. Dr. Erin can also help to institute a daily stretching and exercise routine to further help prevent injuries and promote health within the workplace.

Scoliosis and Spinal Screenings: Dr. Erin enjoys volunteering outside of the office by providing spinal screenings and scoliosis screenings to help educate the public about spinal health.

Muscle Stimulation: Electrodes are placed on the skin that send light electrical pulses to area of concern with the purpose of reducing inflammation, decreasing muscle spasms, and relieving pain.

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