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Your Second Visit

The report of findings during your second visit is the most crucial appointment that you will have in our office. Because of this, we encourage you to bring someone with you to support you in your care. Often times, the doctor will go over a number of things in a short period of time, many of them new and different than what you’ve heard before, so it’s nice to have an “extra set of ears” along with you.


During your report of findings, Dr. Erin Scott will go over your examination findings, including x-rays if they were taken.  Dr. Erin will establish your wellness plan that includes your adjustment frequency and any recommendations for incorporating therapies, exercises, nutrition and modalities into your care to speed up your progress and results.  This is also a great chance for you to sit down with Dr. Erin and address any questions you might have about chiropractic, your current state of health, and your wellness plan. By the time Dr. Erin is finished with the report, you should have a very clear picture as to what is wrong with you, what caused it to get that way, how we can help, and what is going to happen if it isn’t fixed. Dr. Erin believes that knowledge is power and she works very hard to educate her patients about chiropractic care and its benefits in a way that you can understand and aims to partner with you to create a plan of action to a healthier you.


Also at your second visit, a financial consultation will go over your specific insurance benefits and responsibilities that are unique to you and your family. Our goal is to educate and help our patients navigate insurance all while making your health the priority and minimizing the financial surprises. If you are not using insurance, we will go over the different options for private pay in our office and prices for specific services so that there are no surprises when your visits are completed.

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